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The Silver Hills Higher Secondary School is a Christian minority institution under the management of CMI Fathers of St. Thomas Province, Kozhikode, who run several educational institutions at all levels in India. Located at nearly 6 kms away from the heart of Kozhikode city, Silver Hills, one of the best schools in Kerala state is incredibly equipped to ensure a successful start for your kids’ career. Away from the city hassles, lying amidst the beautiful fields, free from noisy atmosphere and traffic congestions, Silver Hills offers the best educational facilities that any parents would prefer for their kids.

Our Ideals

We do believe that learning is the at-most significant factor shaping up a life. Simultaneously we understand more that, out there in this highly competitive world, learning itself might not single handedly help our kids to achieve what they wish and be what they want to be. That is what we teach here in Silver Hills, and that is why we have been awarded ‘The Best School’ for 3 years by Govt. of Kerala. We prepare our students to be the best in what they do and assist them in every possible way to improve themselves socially, academically and skillfully, preparing themselves for the best practical lifestyle they can obtain.
Academic excellence throughout the years is one core factor that has driven Silver Hills to claim its heights. Co-curricular activities, games and sports, health and physical education, arts and crafts activities that help to enhance social productivity have also been highly acclaimed on our way to this success.
Our core vision is to:
To build up a community that understands the values of truth, honesty and morals. To assist our students in achieving self-discipline, productivity, excellent habits, and to help open the divine will..To nurture leadership qualities and bring the best out of our students. To promote a healthy modern outlook among the students by inspiring them with values of our cultural heritage and history.To make realize our students about their social responsibilities and encourage them to be active & creative in the task of building up a new India, an India free from exploitation, injustice, ignorance, poverty and misery.

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Alumni Highlights Open House: An opportunity for the public to explore facilities and experience the creative talent and technical skills of students and staff. Professional Meet: Institute-Industry interaction to identify changing needs of the industry. Alumni Meet: A nostalgic walk down the memory lane.
In the sports arena, Silver Hills offers advanced facilities to the young sporting talents providing them with qualitative training in various games including basketball,badminton,baseball, football,roller-skating and many athletic events. It was indeed a privilege for us to host the Silver Hills Trophy All Kerala Inter-School BasketBall Tournament from 2006 onwards.
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